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RATE HIM: Sachin Tendulkar

How many points would you give to Sachin Tendulkar?(Out of 10)

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Jonty Lathwal

U19 Debutant
Great players are not rated..........but at times the same thing can be interesting:)

How many points would u give to Sachin(out of 10)....????

All active CW members are requested to vote.......


International Debutant

gr8 test record .... most number of centuries .... Sir Don Bradman said the way Tendulkar playe is close to how he played

gr8 ODI record .... most number of 100s .... averages almost 100 in the finals that Ind have won .... the biggest match-winner in the history of the game
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You need to define the scale better, what is zero and what is 10? Is it all time, modern era or right now?

Jonty Lathwal

U19 Debutant
well it's easy.......just rate him as a cricket player.........as per his career...achievements......

there will be similar polls for other players too......


International Regular
Sachin Tendulkar has usually failed on the biggest stage.

Clearly, he would be lucky to get even 1/10.


Whatever it takes!!!
There is no 0 in the polling options.....

What will JustTool do now??????????? :sadwalk:


I gave him 9 because I think 10 is only for Bradman. :)


International Regular
I rated him 9/10. He has had a stellar career and done everything right. I mean who can average 55 over 147 games? It is pretty much impossible yet he managed to maintain it for over 19 years?

And you need to factor in that he averages 44 across 417 ODI's, and has scored a total of 28143 runs in International Cricket. Then add in that he is a more than handy leg spin/ medium pace bowler, who can fill overs when needed.

This makes him an ideal player, one of the first chosen in any XI.


9/10 for me, Sachin Tendulkar is one amazing player that had a faultless batting technique. I think he is easily the best batsman in world cricket at the moment and still continues to impress me to this day.
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