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Rank, in terms of personal importance, the value of these triumphs for your team?


Nah it really is just a chip on your shoulder
what have i got to be chipped about when it comes to england playing in nz? been a while since i've had cause for concern. granted i think your lot start favourites next month.


Norwood's on Fire
what have i got to be chipped about when it comes to england playing in nz? been a while since i've had cause for concern. granted i think your lot start favourites next month.
About English fans/media. It feels very straw manny

I find the media one especially interesting. The English media is trash, you'll get no argument from me, but typically I think they're the quickest to jump on our teams.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Away series in Aussie, WC
Away series in India, South Africa
WTC, home series against Australia
Home series against South Africa (ffs)
Away series vs England, Pakistan (in Pakistan)
T20WC, home series vs India
Away series WIndies (hardly tour there, always ends up being interesting), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
The rest


Hall of Fame Member
Really hard to answer this question, other than Essex winning the County Championship is the most important thing. Then, it's really varied as there are multiple teams I like to see do well.

Probably something like:
NZ winning ODI WC/WTC
England winning in Australia (Tests)
NZ winning in Australia (Tests)
Wellington winning any tournament/Essex winning any non-CC title (T20/List A)
England beating Australia at home (Tests)
NZ beating Australia at home (Tests)
NZ or England beating India anywhere (Tests)
NZ beating RSA anywhere
'Minnow' teams getting any kind of unexpected victory, weighted by the quality of their opponent (e.g. Zimbabwe beating Australia/India at anything > Zimbabwe beating Pakistan/RSA etc.etc.) also weighted Test > ODI. Otherwise, ODIs/List A don't really matter to me - just want to see entertaining games in those formats.

Something like that.


International Regular
It varied with timelines for me.

For example, in the 1990s it was all about beating Pakistan in Sharjah tournaments. We had a mental block against them especially while chasing anything above 220. Post 2003 World Cup all India Pakistan ODI games were equally competitive, without one side having more leverage over the other for majority of the 2000s.

In 2000s, even winning an ODI against Australia was huge and meant more than winning the Asia Cup.

Before the advent of T20 cricket and sports science / data analytics making its way to the game, cricket was all about natural ability. And the gulf between the standards set by Australia and the second best (South Africa most of the time) was so big that even winning a bilateral ODI against them was an ocassion for any team.

From 2010s and onwards, beating England in a test series was satisfying but not the same level of satisfaction as that of beating Aus/Pak in previous decades.

2020s? Nothing much to look forward to since we did the unthinkable at the Gabba.
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International Captain
Away series in Aus
Away series in Eng
ODI World Cup
Away series in SA
Home series vs Aus
T20 World Cup
Beating Pakistan