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Question on ban announcements


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Mr. Kohli had it coming for him.

He will be back.

If he is reading this, my message to him:

Enjoy all the games you’ll be watching. I know how bad you wanna copy and paste stuff…maybe open up Microsoft Word and create a compendium of matches in the 1 month period of your ban.
Good luck sir!


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I think he should've just been continuously infracted for spam. It was an insane level of posting with about 90% being scorecard updates and cricbuzz stats/trivia. He racked up 2k+ posts in the short time he was actively posting.

The rest of the stuff like plagiarism, ugly thread titles, wrong threads in wrong subbies etc is meh. Weird that he didn't follow instructions, maybe he just didn't understand or something. Was he really in his 80s?


International Coach
It’s a travesty! The mods were out to get him ever since he got here! Without him there won’t be any threads and no posts in the ones already opened. His insightful posts and commentary will be sorely missed by all. RIP Cricket Chat and farewell sweet prince.


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I wondered if there might be some inconsistencies with his reported age, since he also referred to his father's opinions on recent tests, plus his sister finding the young NZ bowler Henry Shipley attractive. But maybe all those things are still possible. Who knows?