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Question on ban announcements

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
Kudos to our mods.
My theory is this guy turns up every few months. Always starts out just talking cricket, usually reasonable points too, then starts upping the ante on agro to replies, then starts to involve himself in other threads for getting people worked up. Each time he has studiously researched a new backstory and supports a different team. He knows how to avoid the line and usually gets one or two of us worked up to cop a ban while playing his game. I'm glad the mods can now apply atmosphere rules.

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
always has a new name. It just seems a repetitive style of a wanker who first lurks, then posts, then post to offend, then takes on the whole forum. It could also, equally be just the profile of a wanker that many people have.


Yeah I got multi vibes too.
Yeah same, but not necessarily of any of the regular members here. Just, as VI suggests, someone who routinely signs up, lurks, engages a bit, then doubles down on their dickishness until banned. Then repeats a month or two down the line.


Global Moderator
I only became aware of how dire he was in the last week or so, until that I'd only seen him in mafia where he was fine

Something about mafia games really does put most people on their best behaviour, which is why it's such an event when someone like weldone can't
weldone didn't just flounce a mafia game. He built up an entire theory of politics around his flouncing a mafia game.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
unironically harsh on jayjay to ban him when mr eugenics has been allowed to run around because he pushes great replacement thinking politely
Tbh both shouldn't be here, but at least Stephen only ruins Politics threads, which lets face it are almost always awful. Jay jay ruined cricket chat threads too, which is unforgivable.