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Hick > Fairbrother

The first half of 1999 he was an odi beast. Fairbrother never reached those Heights

Was Englands best bat at 3 world cups


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I went to the Chennai test, dont recall him playing but I was like 9, so I may well be forgetting.
Sachin made a hundred in that match.

Great memories of that series, the first one I properly followed. :D

England were utterly dire though.

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i didn't get to vote in that poll so is it really relevant or acceptable

i'd argue that yes, moreso than if we did one now and i could vote for them


Cricketer Of The Year
Flintoff, England's ODI rise and Champions Trophy remind of a priceless moment from 2006.

Champions Trophy game India vs England
Flintoff as captain

England batting first - 125 all out.

After the crushing loss, Flintoff is asked in the press conference

"Is the upcoming Ashes in November the reason why England doesn't seem to be prepared or interested in this tournament?"

Flintoff: "No that's not true. ODI's are important too"

He couldn't have been more unconvincing.

Cricinfo headline next to the match scorecard of England 125 all out - Flintoff: "ODI's are improtant too"