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Pre-Season Results and Discussion


Hall of Fame Member
Matchday 9-

Southern Dynamo vs Northern Power
Nixontown Nomads vs Central United

These games would determine who would play in the pre-season final.

Dynamo and United topped their respective groups. Would the events of Matchday 9 see them meet in the final?



Hall of Fame Member
Final Pre-Season Standings

Group A
Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1    Southern_Dynamo           4    2   2   0     3    0    3     8
2    Northern_Power            4    0   3   1     2    3   -1     3
3    East_Coast_Fury           4    0   3   1     2    4   -2     3
Group B
Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1    Central_United            4    2   1   1     6    3    3     7
2    Island_Swell              4    2   0   2     4    5   -1     6
3    Nixontown_Nomads          4    1   1   2     2    4   -2     4
Matchday 10
Pre-Season Final

Southern Dynamo vs Central United


Hall of Fame Member
What are all the short codes at the top of the player stats short for??
Pos- Position
St- Keeping Ability
Tk- Tackling
Ps- Passing
Sh- Shooting
Ag- Agression
Min- Mins played
Sav- Saves made
Ktk- Key tackles
Kps- Key passes
Ass- Assists
Sht- Shots
Gls- Goals
Yel- Yellow cards
Red- Red cards
KAb- Keeping abilty points earned
TAb- Tackling abilty points earned
PAb- Passing abilty points earned
SAb- Shooting abilty points earned

When a players ability points earned (ie experience) for a particular skill (eg shooting) reaches 1000 they gain a point on that skill and the abilty points are reset to 300.


Hall of Fame Member
Pre-Season Final

Southern Dynamo vs Central United

Both Dynamo and United had successful group stages in the pre-season.

Dynamo led all teams with 8 points through a combination of tight defence and grabbing a the odd goal here and there. Southern performed as a clinical and professional unit.

Whilst United arrived in the final on the back of the goalscoring exploits of Dan Smith. Smith was helped considerably by the flair and passing of the Central midfield.

The final was going to be a clash of differing playing personalities, but interestingly both captains chose the same formation. 4-1-2-1-2 Counter Attack

Clowich Stadium was the neutral venue for the final and fans of both sides filled the arena. All were wishing for a victory and, maybe more importantly, no longterm injuries with Season 2 just around the corner.


Loony BoB

International Captain
The perfect start to the season, I have to say. :) Really pleased, and personally happy to get an assist, too!


U19 Vice-Captain
Fantastic! First piece of silverware and the club is only a few weeks old. Great showing guys and good job United for getting to the final.


Cricketer Of The Year
great stuff dynamo. great game, well done to both teams esp the dynamo with the merger and all. very pleasing to get some silverware,.


International Debutant
Good signs for the season proper, merger seems to be settling down nicely. Had a pretty good game there, myself. Enjoyed it.