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Pool C - New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia, Namibia


Hall of Fame Member
Most fun part of this will be deciding who finished third out of Tonga and Georgia.


Cricket Web Owner
Most fun part of this will be deciding who finished third out of Tonga and Georgia.
Don't think Tonga could put one over Argentina? I doubt it, but who knows what sort of Argentina team turns up.

Tonga are ahead of Samoa, Japan and Italy in the rankings which doesn't mean much I know but sport is a funny thing sometimes.


Hall of Fame Member
Can the ABs rack up more than the 142 that Australia did against the Namibians in '03?


International Regular
Tough game, that. Argentina's defence was superb, forced a lot of turnovers. Pretty scrappy by the All Blacks though, two dropped balls with an open run to the tryline probably symptomatic of having not played for about a month.


Hall of Fame Member
Bit gutted I only saw the 2nd half


1) our whole back 3 didn't look world class. They were decent but between nms dropping a certain try, Ben smith failing to skin a defender in a one on one with the try line beckoning and savea not really doing much it is a worry. Teams can now choose to kick deep to us knowing we probably won't run it back with interest if this game is anything to go by. Still let's hope it is just one game rather than a trend.
2) kaino looked close to his very best and that news could be decisive
3) I am gob smacked by Aaron smiths performance. Truly incredible. The service to the first receiver was at a whole other level.