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Pool A - Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa

Which 2 teams will qualify for the Quarter Finals?

  • Japan

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  • Russia

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  • Samoa

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Japan threw half the team into that ruck! If they didn't turn it over they'd have conceded for sure. Ballsy AF


Cricketer Of The Year
Japan have gone through the RWC pool phases undefeated....that's something I never thought I'd type.


U19 Captain
So pleased for Japan and for rugby. Potential market there is huge.
Massive. I'm hearing cheers from houses and flats all around me, never thought for one moment it would attract such attention here. The closest I've seen anything come to this was during the football world cup back in 2002 when there was actual partying in the street.


im glad i watched that

they play the most fun rugby in the world to a fault (much like fiji). unlike the major nations they don't know how to adapt or use gamesmanship.


south africa should have enough to put them away. tonight scotland had done their homework. every team will want to keep them in the maul and kick for touch rather than space.

i'd love to see them play france though.


Cricketer Of The Year
Just read that Kenki Fukuoko (the winger who scored 2 tries today) is retiring after the world cup, hes only 27. He's retiring to study to become a doctor.

The other bit of that is he has scored more tries against tier 1 teams than any other player from 'tier 2' teams. If that's what we still call Japan.


Hall of Fame Member
Great stuff from Japan. They pretty much deserve tier 1 status with the way they're playing atm. I probably can't see them beating SA (who mauled them by 40 points in a pre-WC warm up game), but they've already done more than enough to make this tournament special.

I just hope that the JRFU is able to capitalise on the opportunity that this world cup will bring to the game in their country.


State Vice-Captain
Yeah, Japan has done their fantastic supporters proud, but it's hard to see them getting past SA - who have been there done that in RWC knock-out games. Still, I don't think many would've picked them to go a thoroughly deserved 4-0 in a pool containing Ireland, Scotland and Samoa, and they've beaten SA before, so who knows. They've been great hosts both on and off the field.

And Michael Leitch = dead-set legend.