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Pool A - Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Tonga


Cricketer Of The Year
Watching a replay of Tonga-Japan AWS. How the **** did the TMO miss the double movement in that first Japan try?
No such thing as double movement in Rugby mate - you can place the ball in any direction when you are on the ground.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Right, but he was brought to a stop in the tackle and then I thought he lunged forward again with his whole body. I didn't think that was allowed, and the commentators seemed to agree.


Cricketer Of The Year
No such thing as double movement in Rugby mate - you can place the ball in any direction when you are on the ground.
I'm not sure why referees refer to 'double movements' in union since its a term used in rugby league but not in union laws, so you're right about that. However, I don't think the try awarded to Japan should've been allowed last night; theres nothing wrong with placing the ball in any direction, but when you're tackled and brought to ground and don't release the ball nor place it at that point, but instead have another surge towards the goal line and then place the ball on the try line, that should constitute not releasing the ball IMO. If it happened anywhere else on the field it'd be considered tackler not releasing and a penalty to the defending team; I can't recall which match it was - might've been Samoa vs Wales - but the referee penalised the Samoan player for doing just that.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Theres a few players on the bench that I thought would start (Harinordoquy in particular) but otherwise I thought it looked like a solid enough French side. Theres an article in the Herald today that some people are outraged that France were apparently fielding a B side and they thought they were not getting value for $400+ tickets..
and then the next day the Herald published this

Gregor Paul: French B team? Far from it - Sport - NZ Herald News

Good to see not everyone buying in to the conspiracy theories. (That said there should be some point in winning the pool imo. Maybe add an extra match between 2nd and 3rd? Though I suppose the schedule is gruelling enough as it is, the clubs would surely protest at another week taken out)


Hall of Fame Member
First 5 mins and, to my untrained eye, 3 no-calls in favor of the Kiwis. Will be tough for France if they dont get an even share of the 50-50 calls.


The French have collectively decided not to tackle today, it seems. Who'd have guess they'd be so blatant in trying to lose?

Parra having a Barry Crocker.

That seems a sentence that's on-loan from the NRL thread, eh?

Just on the ref: Alain Rolland is half-French (his father) and a Francophone so he'd be an unlikely candidate to favour NZ.


France have been disappointing this half. In the first few minutes I was hoping we had a good game on our hands.


Hall of Fame Member
France deserved the try anyway given the professional penalties given away by the ABs on the proceeding scrums.