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Pool A - Australia, England, Wales, Fiji, Uruguay


International Coach
Wales are on downward curve but have been a really good side since last World Cup.

England pack needs to front up, but our backs are a real strength, raw pace on wings and Joseph is a world class centre with Ford the best front foot 10 I can remember from England. We should beat one of Wales/Australia if not both.

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
Once every four year follower here (if that) -- when the **** did Wales get good?!?
They have a mental/ability block against NZ/SAf/Aus (although a Welsh-dominated Lions team won in Aus 2 years ago). Wales has been pretty good in the 6 Nations though.


International Coach
I'll tell you when they turn up for this WC.

Pretty straightforward for England so far.


Hall of Fame Member
Correct decision but might as well not have an on-field ref if every decision can be overturned by TMO


Hall of Fame Member
You can put poor attack down to nerves but England's scrum and breakdown were poor

They will get pounded by Australia unless there is a massive improvement in those areas


International Captain
Not sure why England are celebrating so hard. I know they stole a bonus point, but that was a very weak performance.


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Don't think the All Blacks will lose any sleep after watching that.

As far as we are concerned, at least we haven't peaked early.


International Vice-Captain
Being 5 hours behind and after a 8 hour flight just catching up with the first game for England .. Shall be reading these threads to catch up..