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Players you most like to watch


Cricketer Of The Year
Most influence on me: Slater's 219 got me into watching cricket
Most inspirational: Steve Waugh
Player to cause my amputation: Brian Lara, the best batsman or my generation in full flow would be magnificent to see.

Sadly I've never seen Waugh, Slater, Lara or Tendulkar score 100 at the ground. In fact I've never seen any of them bat.


International Debutant
Shoaib is definitely the most exciting bowler in the world today; his amazing slow ball has put him to another level altogether. Murali and Warne are a little behind him.

There are many exciting stroke players in the world today but at his best I think Sachin is the most fun to watch. I especially love his seemingly defensive pushes which go for four.

As far as "inspiration", Steve Waugh and Kumble for building great careers from limited talent. Rahul Dravid who exudes class on and off the field.


U19 Cricketer
Lara and Laxman for their ability to almost invent strokes, they're both amazing. Bowling wise -Warne, Shaoib, Flintoff, Kumble and the old Gillespie


International Captain
Jono said:
In my time of watching cricket, I'd say my top 3 bowlers I enjoy watching the most have been Shoaib, Warne and Murali.

For Batsman, Sachin and Lara comfortably head the list, and one must feel that (as someone suggested earlier) they can't leave the room when Afridi is out to bat. So he'd have to make the list, as he just defines entertainment.

In terms of players that have inspired me, Dravid would have to head that list. Every year he just adds layers to why he's my idol. This year, the way he's handled the pressure of captaincy despite all the crap surrounding it with Ganguly and Chappell is really amazing. Add that to his brilliant patience and concentration, and his ability to save India on many occasions, he defines inspiration for me. The fact that he's generally a nice guy and is so modest makes him even better. :)

I agree with most of the above post.
Though Dravid seems to be buckling a bit under captaincy in the Tests - or maybe it is too soon to tell.


International Captain
Actually i like watching any bowler bowl as long as they arn't spraying it around the pitch. For batsmen, i like to watch almost every batsman out there who isnt mis-timing their shots or playing-and-missing with alarming regularity.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Today reminded me just how much I love watching any tailender score runs.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
zinzan12 said:
Lately I've really enjoyed watching Lou Vincent

He caught my eye on his Test debut :D Liked watching him bat ever since then...although I wish he'd repeat that Perth performance a few more times (and it's just my luck that I missed his double hundred).