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Player of the tournament

Player of the tournament

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I think De Bruyne is fair, didn’t get as much game time as some other options but when he was on the pitch he played better than basically everyone.


Evil Scotsman
De Bruyne is somewhat questionable, but yeah that looks right to me otherwise.
Been a bit of a dearth of quality midfield performances in the tournament and de Bruyne stands out as having made a very immediate difference in the game vs Denmark as an example.


International Vice-Captain
If you're picking on average level of performance (which I suppose the BBC rater is using) I guess I can see how De Bruyne could feature, but it seems an odd pick given how little he played. Did he have much impact other than his sub appearance vs Denmark?

Seems weird having him ahead of Hojberg, Busquets, Phillips, Damsgaard, de Jong, Verratti, Renato Sanchez, Zuber and probably others I'm forgetting.


International Regular
If you are having de Bruyne in there, I think there is a very strong argument for Pogba - got knocked out a round earlier but de Bruyne didn't play the first 1.5 games so Pogba played more and had a big impact on the tournament. I'd maybe go Hojbjerg but personally I think I'd have Pogba in over de Bruyne.


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I didn’t really get the Pogba hype, I thought he was great with the ball but a problem without it, just like he always is. I missed a couple of France games though.

The graphic I posted in the copa America thread has KDB making more chances than any other player. Dunno if that’s reliable but it would be impressive if so given how little he played.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
You have to bear in mind that the BBC selection is made by people reading the website. They're not necessarily delving into the finer points of tournament performances. A lot will have selected KDB because he was in the multiple choice options and in general terms there isn't a team who wouldn't select him as a player if he's fully fit and available.