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Placing our bets on "Test Cricket's Young Fab Four"

Which of these "Young Fabbies" will make it the biggest?

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International Debutant
I don't think you can bash the big 4 with the whole "bowling isn't as good as it was a few years ago" when they've all played test cricket for at least 4-5 years.

Also, it's a bull**** argument because for every bowler that gets worse, another improves. The general quality of bowling is - give or take - the same.


International Vice-Captain
Only Pakistan and Australia have a worse bowling attack, the reason people think that the bowling isn't as good as before is because these 2 sides used to have the best attack so the difference is noticeable.Right now all bowling attacks are at broadly the same level.


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Yeah........way off base here OS, way off. Root has a genuinely gorgeous technique..
It's weird, I love watching both Root & Kohli bat, it's Smith who's ugly to watch. KW is somewhere in the middle in terms of style.


International Vice-Captain
Three centuries later cant wait to see what excuse blocky and zinzan will come up with....

Fuller Pilch

Cricketer Of The Year
KDub is the 3rd youngest ever to reach 5,000 runs (behind Tendulkar and Cook), although Root, who is about 5 months younger, could beat him this English summer.


how many runs does he need and who is he facing?

root loves a massive ton when he goes past three figures. could do half the work in one knock

Fuller Pilch

Cricketer Of The Year
Needs just over 400 runs. They have 4 tests against South Africa and 3 against the WIndies. It must be a busy season with the Champs Trophy as well.