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Pioneers Draft


International Captain
With Ireland and Afghanistan joining Test ranks I thought a draft of the early players from all countries would be worth a try for those with an interest in cricket history and would look forward to seeing some different names in a draft.

In this draft, the only eligible players will be those who played for their respective country in its formative years. In the absence of a sensible standardised determination of time, I decided on applicable periods which vary based on the differences in number of games played, and the number of players produced.

Eligible players from each respective country are those who made their debuts up to and including the cut-off years below:
Australia, England 1888
South Africa 1910
West Indies 1939
New Zealand, India 1949
Pakistan 1959
Sri Lanka 1989
Zimbabwe 1997
Bangladesh 2005
Ireland, Afghanistan 2019

Usual rules – every second round will be a reverse of the previous order. 8 hours per pick.
Looking for 8-10 players, post in if you are interested.


Hall of Fame Member

Will be challenging and I have few busy weeks ahead but haven't done a draft in a while. So I will jump in.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
No it shouldn't. That would be ridiculous as it would put the NZ selection pool way out of kilter with every other side.
Kind of my point though. NZ took ridiculously long to actually start winning. In the 50s and 60s they were still super easy pickings.

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Kind of my point though. NZ took ridiculously long to actually start winning. In the 50s and 60s they were still super easy pickings.
This is a "Pioneers draft". How exactly can people who made their debuts 30 or 40 years after their country was granted Test status be considered as "pioneers"? For most other sides, players who debuted after their countries first 10 years of Test cricket are ineligible. If we use 1974 for New Zealand then Richard Hadlee, who was born decades after their promotion to Test status and whose dad represented New Zealand at a young age, would be eligible. Ridiculous.
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International Captain
Could squeeze in another team if someone else wants in. The player pool is limited so I am looking forward to some obscure names near the end.

R1 order coming soon.
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