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Phoenix vs Galaxy match


Cricketer Of The Year
I might be blind and have missed the topic for this but can't seem to find one...

Did anyone else watch/go to (if you're in New Zealand) the match this evening?

It seemed like a brilliant atmosphere at the Cake Tin, would've been great to attend. :) I hope it really ignites the Phoenix and the Wellington people as this has the potential to really give a boost to New Zealand Football.

And Beckham scored, so a win-win situation for the Phoenix even though they lost 4-1.


Beckham was a class act right throughout his visits to both Australia and NZ. 31,000 people attending a soccer match is a bit of a worry though :p


Cricketer Of The Year
A worry to rugby, thats for sure. :p For soccer its marvellous for all involved in the country.

Agreed regarding David Beckham, producing two professional and skillful performances, and the way he conducted himself in Sydney and New Zealand was fantastic.


Hall of Fame Member
I'm sorry, but Wellington and the A League are poor. Until these teams start spending some of their money on decent centre-halves and full-backs rather that pouring all their money into the marketing men's dream (Juninho anyone?) then the quality of the football will remain poor. Wellington have awful defenders and yet they still don't get spanked by other A League teams who are equally poor. Frankly, I would imagine a League One team from the UK would piss all over the Phoenix.

The reason for this rant is mainly due to the ABJECT performance from the 'Nix on the pitch yesterday. Woeful, absolutely woeful - yet woeful was very nearly good enough to get a point from Adelaide.


Hall of Fame Member
If the A-League backlines are poor what does it say about Galaxy's who let in five goals in their match against Sydney. League One would probably beat A-League sides but that has more to do with the amount of money they can spend on players and therefore the greater depth they have. When it comes to quality of the players in the A-League there are some who would dominate League One, like they do in A-League.


Cricket Web Owner
It isn't a worry to rugby at all IMO.

One man David Beckham was the reason 31,000 people showed up. If it was the Phoenix v Galaxy with no David Beckham, you wouldn't have seen more than a couple thousand probably.