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Phillip Hughes CW support banner at Melbourne and Sydney Test match

Where should the left over money be donated?

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Cricketer Of The Year
As most of you would have seen in the Phil Hughes Avatar thread Duffer came up with the great idea of getting a CW banner made up in support of Hughesy to be displayed at the GABBA test.

Unfortunately we can't get one done up in time for Brisbane but I've got a quote for a 6' x 4' custom flag that can be made in time for Adelaide. It's only $102 (maybe postage extra dunno yet) please post in here if you're willing to contribute to the cost.......I'm sure we'll get a few up for it so it is not going to be much each.

I'm hoping James will be willing to organise the purchase of the flag so we can all send our donations to him via paypal, I'm sure everyone would be more comfortable sending their money to James rather than some random member. Dan is going to get his missus (graphics design student) to do up a design, but if you have any suggestions for it then feel free to post in here. I was thinking along the lines of a picture of Phil, CW's logo and also web address as a footer......no idea on wording, could be as simple as "Get well soon champ" but we could definitely use some input on this.

We'll also need someone that is going to the Adelaide test match to be willing to receive the flag and take it to the ground and hang it up, if there are a few in Adelaide going on different days we may even be able to organise to pass it around so it is there as many days as possible. So please let us know if you are up for that job.

I reckon this is a great idea of Duffers and the flag is bound to get some air time........lets make it happen CW'ers!!


Maybe the mods could sticky this for a couple of days until it is all sorted?


Request Your Custom Title Now!
I will contribute 50 dollars only if "Dermo Abbott" gets named on the banner


Norwood's on Fire
If it's $102 then we pretty much just need everyone with a Hughes avatar to throw like a dollar or two in. What's a dollar in real world money?

Count me in anyway


Request Your Custom Title Now!
ive already donated to firefox and wikipedia this week we're not all made out of money


Request Your Custom Title Now!
I will contribute 50 dollars only if "Dermo Abbott" gets named on the banner
i believe dermo is attending the test match so he can hold it up while telling the story of the time he bagged out dermo and then dermo abbott won the steve waugh medal


Cricketer Of The Year
I will contribute 50 dollars only if "Dermo Abbott" gets named on the banner
No need to go that far mate.........even if we can only get 10 posters chucking in it will only be a tenner each.

Great idea with a nod to Abbott though........feeling as bad for him as I do Hughes.

I need some ideas for wording, layout and images for the flag guy's........Dans missus is kindly going to put it together for us but we need to give her an idea of what we want. I'm really crap at this stuff so if anyone can do up a rough draft of something Dans GF can fix it up and make it look smicko.


Cricket Web Owner
Great idea Adders :thumbsup:

CW would be happy to make up the difference to ensure we have it happen.

I'm wondering though, do we have enough regular Adelaide members to get this over the line?


Count me in.

As I said in the other thread, I don't really have any suggestions for design but it should definitely include 'The Prince' on it IMO.


Request Your Custom Title Now!
Seems CW has most of this covered, so I guess I'm willing to chuck in a few for anyone volunteering to go down and hold up the banner