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Nah the on screen one is surprisingly user friendly. Got a pen though, works well on 'draw something'.


International Debutant
I have a goldfish named Troll.
He shares a tank with my flatmate's goldfish, Daenerys.
Yes, we are very sad.
Soon I will be leaving them though as I can't take it to Wellington. I'd like a dog, my family have always had one, but can't make the committment. I move around too much, work too hard and it wouldn't be fair.


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Pugs are great. Ugly things, but in a really cute way if that makes any sense.


International Coach

At least, unlike Skidmark, you have a sense of humour and fun

Just kidding Skidders


Probably the most ridiculous post in CW history.
Hang on, surely Dickinson can't have been forgotten so soon?

No pets here, sadly. Would love a dog but being a sad single man who works it wouldn't be fair on it to leave it for so long.

Another incentive to get laid, aside from the whole "getting laid" thing, I mean.