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Pepsi WCL - European Div 3, Spain 2009

Predict The Winner?

  • Belgium?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Malta?

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  • Isle of Man?

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  • Portugal?

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  • Total voters


State Vice-Captain
Isle of Man

Aug 31st:
Match 01: Malta v Spain, Sporting Alfas CC
Match 02: Portugal v Isle Of Man, La Manga Top
Match 03: Belgium v Israel, La Manga Bottom

Sep 1st:
Match 04: Isle Of Man v Belgium, Sporting Alfas CC
Match 05: Spain v Portugal, La Manga Top
Match 06: Israel v Malta, La Manga Bottom

Sep 2nd:
Match 07: Malta v Portugal, Sporting Alfas CC
Match 08: Belgium v Spain, La Manga Top
Match 09: Isle Of Man v Israel, La Manga Bottom

Sep 3rd:
Rest Day

Sep 4th:
Match 10: Portugal v Belgium, Sporting Alfas CC
Match 11: Isle Of Man v Malta, La Manga Top
Match 12: Israel v Spain, La Manga Bottom

Sep 5th:
Match 13: Spain v Isle Of Man, Sporting Alfas CC
Match 14: Portugal v Israel, La Manga Top
Match 15: Malta v Belgium, La Manga Bottom

(Top Finisher will play Croatia for promotion to 2010 Div 2):thumbup: