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PCB Hands Out Bans - Discussion and Aftermath


International Vice-Captain
Yeah but like he got us up there, and even when he hit that scoop, where my mate was half of the city (pakistani fans) went shouting and screaming when it was up, but as soon as it came down all the other indian fans jumped.
Tell me about it......

I mean he could have easily deposited that straight down the ground. He was middling everything....


International Coach
well I did support the PCB when they took the balsy step of banning the troublemakers however as was expected in face of tough pressure from external factors they could not keep their word.If Malik and Rana are allowed a comeback after what. they did then it would have been unfair to target YK who is definetley the lesser evil.

However the circus I feel will continue till there is a change in administration at the higher leval.


State Regular
this is not a bad decision.. younis wasn't that bad...he was the victem of backstubbing and team politics..

I think he deserve to lead the side again.. but with idiots in PCB.. no one will support the guy despite his leadership skills...


International 12th Man
Pakistan is a stronger team with Younis Khan. This is good news.
At first glance, this is good news, and I personally and very happy to see him back (my favourite player from Pakistan), but you have to wonder what will happen with internal team politics. I have a suspicion that if they start losing the team will disintegrate again.


U19 Debutant
Younis should now only play test matches, he is a good test batsmen but he is a average ODI player and a poor 20/20 player

There are many other youngesters that can be tried for ODI's and 20/20


International Vice-Captain
A string of U turns...what else you can expect..and YK is saying he has not ruled out captaining the team again.... LMAO!


U19 Debutant
This is getting stupid and out of hand, not the PCB but the so many threads about PCB. WTH is going on, why can't you guys post in One thread.