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Overcoming bowling yips


International Captain
Is it easy?

Firstly I didn't really know a quick bowler could get them (searching has proven me wrong there) and who knows I might not even have them but I was talking to one of our clubs older players and he was pretty convinced I might have them. I found something Simon Hughes published three years ago and what he went through is pretty much happening to me:

I felt it beginning to happen to me one summer in county cricket. The new ball feels like a bar of soap in you hands, the feet are like lead and the bat looks two feet wide. You try running in but you don't really want to reach the wicket. The ball floats out of your hand like a blancmange
I'm also really nervous before I bowl (which is something I've never experienced before bowling). It's the type of nerves I usually get before going out to bat. I'm also not trusting my run-up at all and seem to be looking at the ground all the way to the crease pretty much.

You might say practice more and that should help but I seem to be alright during training, my run-up is usually fine, pace is good, I don't feel nervous and the ball just flies out of my hand instead of me feeling like I'm trying to keep hold of it.



International Regular
Wow man sucks to hear. Gavin Hamilton is one example I can think of.
I've had alot of ups and downs with my bowling wouldn't say i've mastered everything by any stretch, but i'm still a pretty steady opening bowler nonetheless. I remember when I was younger when I seemingly forgot how to bowl and bowled about 10 wides in an over, will never forget that lol.
It was in 5th form when my favourite ever coach sorted out my bowling and i've been pretty swt since. When i'm ready to bowl I guess i'm in my own little box, i'm not thinking about what's going around me. I'm focused on doing every single thing right with my bowling.
Firstly, from the top of your mark all the way in try your utmost to keep your eyes fixated on the exact spot you want the ball to pitch. Make sure your head is up the whole time too, and try and stand fairly tall through your run in. This is all stuff that coach told me which seemed to rejuvenate my bowling.
Secondly I would say make a big effort to keep your non-bowling arm(front arm) up on delivery, every ball. This doesn't come natural to me so i'm often talking to myself to remind me to keep doing it.
Lastly with the run-in I can really relate to that because I often struggle for rhythm and have run-up problems. I would recommend a walk-in to your run or maybe some sort of hop or skip at the top of your mark, I find that helps me get into rhythm alot easier.

That's all I can think of, just think your teams given you this ball to put it on the spot and that's what you gota do. Not sure how much of this actually helps lol post how you go in this thread... I got 2/20 on Saturday:cool: Haha
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