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Old Timers Reverse Order Draft - Voting

Line and Length

International Captain
There is just one round of voting and all participants are invited to allocate 3 points, 2 points and 1 point to the best 3 teams (other than their own). Voting will remain open until the weekend and outsiders are more than welcome to vote.

CHARTER 77 (Michael)ataraxiatrundlerAndrew B
Bobby AbelAlick Bannerman /Arthur Shrewsbury*Warren Bardsley
Harry JuppHerbie Taylor /Tom HaywardPercy Sherwell+
Billy MurdochVernon Ransford /Charlie Macartney 6Johnny Tyldesley
Phil MeadSyd Gregory /Clem HillWalter Read
Monty Noble (*)Charles Kelleway / oAG Steel 3Jimmy Sinclair
Dick BarlowDave Nourse* / oTip FosterFrank Foster
George HirstReggie Schwarz o /John Selby+Johnny Briggs
Bobby PeelSammy Carter + /Alfred Shaw 4Tom Emmett
Jim Kelly (+)Tom Garrett o /George Lohmann 2James Lillywhite*
Billy MidwinterErnie Jones oBill Lockwood 1Fred Spofforth
S. F. BarnesTed Peate oJames Southerton 5Colin Blythe
Line & LengthCric Zo XI (kingkallis)Fuller PilchJOJOXI
Archie MacLaren /Jack Hobbs /Jack BrownW.G. Grace (p/t - 6)
C.B.Fry /Joe Darling /Percy McDonnellCharles Bannerman
K.S. Ranjitsinhji /George Gunn /Tom HoranAndrew Stoddart
Lord Harris /Frank Iredale /Frank WoolleyThomas Kelly
Aubrey Faulkner /oGeorge Giffen / oWarwick Armstrong (c)Victor Trumper (p/t - 7)
Wilfred Rhodes /oCharles Absolom / oGeorge UlyettStanley Jackson (5)
A.P.Lucas /oAlbert Trott / oGilbert JessopBilly Barnes (3)
Edward Tylecote +Billy Bates o /Dick Lilley (wk)Jack Blackham (wk)
W.Attewell oAlbert Tibby Cotter o \Bert VoglerHugh Trumble (4)
J.T.Hearne oDick Pilling +Tom KendallCharlie Turner (1)
Harry Boyle oFred Morley oJJ FerrisTom Richardson (2)

Line and Length

International Captain
I'll kick the voting off by awarding JOJOXI 3 points (a well balanced line-up with some big names; kingkallis 2 points (Hobbs is the key) and trundler 1 point (I like the middle order).

Thanks again to all participants and well done. It certainly wasn't easy filling the final spots.


International Regular
JOJOXI wins easily for me: 3 points.
Charter 77 gets 2 points, trundler 1 point (very close battle for 3rd).


International Regular
I will try to select in the next 24 hours, a few players that I will need to look into a bit more


International Regular
Trundler - The batting especially is very strong and a nice opening bowling pair - 3pts

Michaelf7777 - A solid if unspectacular opening pair (at least from afar). A nice middle order and a strong bowling attack aided by Peel and star man Sydney Barnes - 2pts

Fuller Pilch - the smaller names seem to have very good records and the side has depth in bowling options and pretty solid batting- 1pt

Line and Length

International Captain
With kingkallis AWOL, I declare JOJOXI the worthy winner of this draft.

The final voting: 25 - JOJOXI; 12 - Trundler; 8 - Michaelf7777777; 4 - Fuller Pilch; 2 - kingkallis, Andrew B; 1 - ataraxia; 0 - L & L.

I honestly thought that a side with 2 bats (Ranjit & Fry) with FC averages > 50, an ATG all rounder (Faulkner) and 5 bowlers whose Test average was < 25 and who collectively took 9,737 FC wickets @ 16.6 might have attracted a vote.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board and a big "Well done" to JOJOXI and thanks to everyone.


International Regular
Thank you Fuller Pilch and thanks to Line and Length, especially for running this draft - a unique but fun and educational one. Was close to voting for your side L&L, very much liked the top 3 and Faulkner but preferred other sides as a whole but difficult to judge with it being an era I'm not too knowledgable about outside leading names