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*Official* Yorkshire CCC racism crisis thread


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Beyond parody, that entire article.

Indeed, the panel accuses Rafiq of using "offensive, racially derogatory comments" when referring to a player of Zimbabwean heritage as "Zimbo from Zimbabwe". The panel viewed this as "a racist, derogatory term" and recommends that, were Rafiq still a Yorkshire player, he should face disciplinary action for using it."
But apparently being called P*** is just banter? Lmao


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So does that mean you can call a black man a N***** and pass it off as banter also?

Disgraceful they are doing nothing.


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Banter implies there's a punchline, there was no punchline for the **** comment, he just said "don't talk to that guy, he's from a different culture" and got away with it under the guise of humour.

Can understand if the commitee said something to the effect of "Our player didn't intend for the comment to be anything more than a bad joke, minor punishment has been dealt and if in future it happens again immediate suspension will occur.", But this just completely takes responsibility away from the guilty party.


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And what do they mean by 'at least one ...'? Two, three, ten of these Neanderthals? Amongst other things, the whole thing just sounds astonishing. I know that YCCC had a shocking reputation 30+ years ago, but I thought that they'd progressed into the late 20th century by now. Or by the time these things took place, anyway. Obviously not.


State 12th Man
ECB have to takeaway their internationals as the start and go from there.

Acted like the bastion of morality over the Ollie Robinson tweet incident. Yet staying pretty silent over this. Absolutely shameful.

I wish they had named the player. Can only assume he's a former England test cricketer who will have been acting this way while representing England.


Global Moderator
Ah so it turns out that, contra the protestations of some English establishment cricket writers, YCCC dumping the report on a Friday afternoon when all public attention was fixed on the 5th Test being cancelled was, in fact, a sign that the report itself was full of **** after all? Never would have guessed.


Global Moderator
Sounds like MPs and sponsors are starting to call YCCC out on this. Rightly so, a lot of people ought to lose their jobs over this entire mess.


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Sounds like MPs and sponsors are starting to call YCCC out on this. Rightly so, a lot of people ought to lose their jobs over this entire mess.
A lot of the locals are too. I came across a piece in The Yorkshire Post that was incandescent about the whole affair and called for Roger Hutton's head on a platter.


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I actually can't believe YCCC thought that report was a good idea.

Did no one under the age of 83 proof read the c**t?


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I assumed it was GB with the 'Zimbo' reference. Dobell suggested there was racist abuse from a former Yorkshire and England player. I wonder if it's someone playing for a very central England county who might've reached his peak in the 2010-11 Ashes?


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Reception is very negative toward Ballance on Twitter but his statement seems honest and heartfelt to me.


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a load of whataboutery and nothing in the way of an apology from the excerpts I could find on twitter.

feels like a box ticking exercise

Tom Flint

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There's a lot more to this than meets the eye. People involved in English County cricket know this. A few people are going to get thrown to wolves others will watch it happen silently.
Many mps will come out now taking the moral high ground even tho they have no idea what has actually taken place.