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***Official*** Women's T20 World Cup 2020


Y no Afghanistan flag
I feel like one thing other countries are currently doing better than Oz is giving their best players the best opportunities.

Schutt is world number 1, was bowling well and just bowled 3 overs. Perry is at 6. I know the other bats habe all done well at various times but on the big stage Perrys experience must count for something.


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This is going to be a tight finish. Really need a 15 run over. Need more from Lanning.


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Aus slowly becoming favourites here again. They're quick between the stumps and Sri Lanka aren't great in the field. Get a few boundaries away and they should win this.

Excellent 50 from Haynes


Global Moderator
Haha Lanning has tried that cover drive at least half a dozen times and missed it (or nicked it) basically every time. Just not fluent at all.


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And yeah Perry at 7 is... odd. Especially in a game like this, where normal batting gets you 80% of the way there.

EDIT: See that shot there for two is just class. Why would you not get her in earlier?
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Y no Afghanistan flag
Yeah that cover drive from Lanning is bad. Shes trying to hit it too square.

Cricketers I wouldnt like to come across in a dark alley:

1 Ismail From RSA.
2 Athapathu after a match where shes done well and had to carry her nation.


Cricketer Of The Year
Far from convincing but a win is a win.

Still, the whole planning for the team just seems off, batting order is bordering on incoherent, need more clarity of who plays what role in the team