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***Official*** Women's T20 World Cup 2020


Y no Afghanistan flag
Surely NZ should have Martin behind the stumps as Priest is having a shocker.

Athapaththu vs Kerr is a good battle.


Cricketer Of The Year
Where was this Sophie Devine til last year? Rocked the show in wbbl and now here too. Performing at Elysse Perry level with both bat and ball for the past few months.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Better than Perry level IMO.

Of course she is still a gun, but Pez worst format is T20.


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Great to start off with a relatively comfortable win, but still a lot of room for improvement - especially bowling in the powerplay. Priest was really poor behind the stumps as well, agree Martin should take the gloves.


Cricketer Of The Year
I had never really seen Khaka bowl before, am fairly impressed tbh. Got a bit of decent inswing earlier, and as Spark has pointed out she bowls a very good slower ball.

Could be a handy overseas choice for the WBBL perhaps


International Debutant
That SA win was fantastic. Dane van Niekerk is awesome, and of course Du Preez did great stuff at the end.

Is women's cricket a particularly common thing at schools/clubs in England? Because its not so much the case in SA and in general the technique difference between the two teams seemed pretty obvious.

Ecclestone has one of my favourite SLA actions of all time. Truly delightful to watch. Sciver has a smooth action too.