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* Official * WI & Eng tour of Australia


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Same with Gooch

On the other hand, you have Michael Vaughan doing this.

tbh, watching it now, I have less sympathy than I did at the time. He had no idea which way the ball was going to spin when it bounced and India were completely within their rights to appeal. Vaughan's apparent puzzlement is just dim.

Now, let's see if I can find Sarfraz Nawaz dismissing Andrew Hilditch for throwing a completely dead ball back to him. Yup here it is.


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Nah no way was Vaughan in any danger of that bowling him tbh. Still looks a reflex action on his part though, which probably adds to the momentary drama. No surprise the Indians would appeal there. Whereas the Hilditch one is bog ordinary.

Then again, so was he.


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and let’s not have the Poms - a country whose media drove Princess Diana into an underpass, bugged the phone of a murdered teenager and continue to hound a woman of colour who had the temerity to marry the son of James Hewitt get on their high horse about media standards.
I'm engorged after reading this gorgeous sentence.


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And I agree Buttler is quite soft/gentle whatever, it really makes his Philander absolute tongue lashing that one time all the more perplexing. It was the most vicious one I've seen for some time on field


International Captain
Having watched a couple more angles, it's absolutely laughable that Buttler claims to have not seen it. He's literally right in front with the best view and raises his arms in question as it happens. I find it a bit weird to piece together that Buttler can come out and play as well as he did upfront but then seemingly lose his spine in the face of what was a really obvious obstruction


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Maybe he didn't appeal out of embarrassment. Matty wade is like 5'5, 150lbs soaking wet, your big fast bowler getting pushed out of the way by him isn't something you want to advertise


International 12th Man
Aka Buttler wants to pick and choose whenever it's convenient. Also don't get the warm-up game stuff, this still counts as a proper international series unlike the India vs WA XI stuff, unless you think Wade panics and screens pacers only in warm-ups.