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*** Official *** West Indies in South Africa 2014/15


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The point is not what C'paul can change. He won't. His style of batting suits him and is exactly whta has brought WI loads of runs.

It's not his fault that no 6 to no 9 last for fewer than 50 balls combined.
Proper batsmen adjust to the situation. Chanders' style works when he's batting with the middle order. not protecting Taylor, Gabriel and co from Steyn is either daft, or selfish. He's not a stupid enough guy to keep doing it for years. Will leave it to you to figure out what the conclusion is.


International Debutant
A ludicrous display. A top order batsman so desperate to avoid strike he runs himself out... How can anyone respect that?


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It's not his fault that no 6 to no 9 last for fewer than 50 balls combined.
Maybe, just maybe, it's because he only faced 8 out of the 51 deliveries that were bowled after Ramdin got out.

No one can defend today's display. I'm pretty mad tbh. Awful display from admittedly, a great batsman.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
That's ordinary. I thought he did a Brathwaite but Virus just got bowled middle stump missing a straight one.


International Coach
Yeh, last game for SA you would think.

van Zyl, Hendricks or Puttick for Bangladesh.

White and Markram attending the SA Academy as the developing players down the line.


International Coach
Steyn on to 396 -


Harmer with 7, probably best home debut by SA spinner and packed away his T20 celebration at least.


Prince EWS

Global Moderator
what happened to prompt this?
Chanderpaul was doing whatever the opposite of farming the strike is at nine down so he could get the red ink, and got run out in the process.

I love Chanders, I do think he's a little under-rated on CW sometimes but I also think he's the only batsman I've seen play Test cricket and consciously play for the not out when the bowlers are in.

To put Gabriel's horrible batting standard into context, Benn (the #10) turned down a single in the first innings at nine down. Yet Chanderpaul, proud owner of 11,000 Test runs @ 52, was trying to sneak one. It was horrible cricket.


International Regular
Same old crap!!...put ourselves in the game..then take ourselves out of it with complete stupidity when all we need is a little application. And of course we hand another average spinner a delightful debut!!..nothing new there because it happened with Gazi and then Craig!!..and we never seem to learn from it.

In the end in both departments it's just not been good enough...the lower order has been a disgrace and the bowling has leaked too much runs. You can't win games with those two deficiencies.