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*** Official *** West Indies in South Africa 2014/15


International Debutant
Do you guys reckon we can get a result out of this match?

Btw i really want to see W Indies get a series win somewhere along the line against a decent team.


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Why doesn't Chanderapul bother to protect the tail?
Don't call him selfish though. Someone will say his job as a batsman is to preserve his wicket or some **** like that. 8-)

He's always done this. Hopefully, he manages to stitch together a useful 30-40 runs more but imo, he's a selfish **** and always has been.


International Coach
Dale should go past Ambrose, Wasim, S.Pollock, Hadlee & Kapil but is Walsh and McGrath a step to far ?


Global Moderator
If any top order player did that whilst batting for Australia you'd have every man and his dog calling for him to be dropped, deadset. What a **** show.


International Regular
The point is not what C'paul can change. He won't. His style of batting suits him and is exactly whta has brought WI loads of runs.

It's not his fault that no 6 to no 9 last for fewer than 50 balls combined.


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Serves Chanders right. That was ridiculous... taking a single to stay off strike again... jeez. Funny though.... Had a good lol.


Global Moderator
Chanderpaul is gun, but he has two major conflicting weaknesses in his game; his technique doesn't suit the top of the order, and he's a poor batsman with the tail. Makes it hard to say he's really at that top elite level.


International Vice-Captain
WI play like a reasonable county team who are towards the end of the season with nothing left to play for. Wonder how long till they don't bother playing test cricket.