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*** Official *** West Indies in South Africa 2014/15


International Coach
Dwayne won't be playing for the test side again Blocky!!...Taylor will be lucky to survive too if he doesn't get his act together when we bowl again.

Blackwood is current averaging in the 40s and Johnson is doing well so it looks like we might stick with this young batting order and hopefully allow them to develop.

What is needed is to find a new opening partner for Brathwaite (Gayle won't be around for long) and to find a good partner for Roach...Gabriel is doing ok but some more competition is needed....Roach needs his "Boult" so to speak.
What can you tell me about Marquino Mindley, WW ?


International Regular
What can you tell me about Marquino Mindley, WW ?
Has been highly rated at u19 level and played in the last two u19 world cups. Finally made his debut for Jamaica this season and has done very well. He's tall, has good pace and can move the ball around...in a team dominated by spinners usually he's got himself some wickets and has done well down the order with the bat.

Needs to continue his progress over the second half of the season and who knows an A-team call up might be around the corner.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
How about Leon Johnson replacing Dwayne Smith as an opener when Darren Bravo comes back to number 3?


International Debutant
Credit to the windies fielding but those three run outs cost us at least 50 or so runs that will come back to haunt us.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Gayle's still around for the test team?? Seems like a long time since I saw him play in a test match... Injured?


International Coach
3.5 hrs of play from 3:00 ?

Suppose if a team wins it, it will be SA as the pitch won't deteriorate as much as expected.

Extra hour tomorrow too. 27 Degrees Celsius.

test cricketer

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Morne morkel and stiaan van zyls, presentation of the seam is quite good and braithwaite, should learn how to leave the ball outside offstump

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Thought Philander has bowled really well this test.

Timely wicket that. Samuels only looked like getting out to the quicks, so that's a bonus for Harmer.


International Coach
Samuels - Live by the sword, die by the sword. A few times was beaten in the flight and skewed shots wide of the fielder when could easily have gone to hand off Harmer so he can't complain.

Agree with TT boy on Vern. Think Dale hasn't bowled to badly either.