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*Official* West Indies in CWLand


International Vice-Captain
Thats great chance to play against WI's....wow,,would like to get Chris Gayle first ball

Mr Mxyzptlk

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West Indians to play CW Red

CH Gayle
D Ganga (c)
DS Smith
RS Morton
DJJ Bravo
S Chanderpaul
DJG Sammy
D Ramdin (wk)
D Mohammed
JE Taylor
FH Edwards

12th Man: A Jaggernauth

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator

Match has been simmed (and Darren Sammy granted a highly temporary visa), but if people were to know their CET you'd understand why a report can not be written for the moment. (suffice to say that I can see the sun in the north-east.)

Simming might be somewhat intermittent this week, and the second Test will have to be delayed till Saturday, but it will be done. :)


International Debutant
Assuming there was a freak sandstorm and the first test had to be rescheduled? :D

Also anymore news on the playing squad yet?

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Sammy was in the country recovering from his injury and promoting his new energy drink. A third of the squad caught chicken pox and cholera in a freak incident due to the incompetence of the powers that be in CW Red hospitality. Sammy then played through the pain.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Any word on the CW test squad?
Might as well just let CW Red play going by that match :p

It seems my prediction that we'd win by an innings wasn't so outlandish after all. Fantastic batting by all involved, especially Ritchie and his double ton, well done champ (y). Mildly happy with my performance with the ball, obviously more wickets would've been nice, but then again it's not everyday you get the wickets of Gayle, Chanderpaul & Bravo all in the 1 innings :cool: