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*Official* Warne vs Murali Discussion

Mr Mxyzptlk

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This is THE thread. From now on all discussion on the topic must be posted in this thread. In an effort to limit the spamming of CC with the same topics over and over, we request that all such discussion be placed in here.

Any other thread opened pertaining to the topic shall be closed immediately. Any significant discussion pertaining to the topic which is posted in any other thread shall be greeted with a polite "shut up". If it persists, the thread may be closed.

This thread will be stickied initially so that all get the message.


Virat Kohli (c)
Good decision by the staff to allow discussion to occur, even if it is tedious. Freedom of discussion is nice.

Anyway, to start off this thread:

Nicky Boje > Warne & Murali

That's right :p


Hall of Fame Member
It will be interesting to see how long this will last, personally i don't think it will be long before spamming takes over. Hopefully this turns into more of a tribute thread, rather then one full of heated discussions.


Whatever it takes!!!
I rate Murali slightly ahead of Warne. On current form though, Warne is well ahead. But Murali has age on his side, and it will be interesting how they end up at the end of their careers. But anyone who says one is significantly better than the other must have seen very little of one or both of them.


Hall of Fame Member
I rate Warne slightly ahead, because I believe he is a more dangerous bowler on pitches which do not assist spin bowling. Similar to why I rate McGrath slightly ahead of Ambrose. Ambrose was the more destructive bowler on green tops, but at times was forced into simply being economical and unpenetrative on flat pitches (which is hardly a crime!), while McGrath seems to excel in the most difficult of conditions, and still show an ability to tear teams apart when conditions go in his favour. Parallel for me to Warne and Murali, and indeed the Lara and Tendulkar debate as well.

Both, obviously, all-time greats.


Hall of Fame Member
I have always rated Murali higher (inspite of my reservations on the legality or otherwise of the doosra) but I must admit that Warne in the last year or so has been bowling like a dream. If I have to compare as of this point in time, I would vote for Warne.