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*Official* Twenty20 Is Boring Society Thread


Cricket Web Staff Member
Warning: By posting in this thread you are automatically taking-out a subscription for life-membership to the Society.
Such contracts should not be entered into lightly and all members would much prefer that our fellows be optional subscribers not kicking-and-screaming ones! Thee poor souls who wish to debate the merits of the 20-over game, please take care to do so elsewhere.

Right, that's the disclaimer out the way: here it is, guys, our very own Society is born. I'm stoked we've come this far, it wouldn't have been possible without you - I'd like to give particular thanks to 16toS and sp713 for the gentle prodding in this direction.

Anyhow, my central message is this: to spread the gospel, I'd love you all to carry the legend "Member of Twenty20 Is Boring Society" (preferably in our characteristic - courtesty once more of 16toS - red lettering) or something similar. This does not have to be perminant, I understand some of us of times like a complete purge of sig, but it would be truly wonderful if so. 'S long, however, as you can have it for a few days, it'll do, I just need to get a screenshot of a post - probably in here - from you, complete with sig, so as to forever preserve the spirit even if expressed only briefly.

To date, I have several confirmed subscribers, and several unconfirmed... including:
Rich Dickinson (my good self - President)
16toS (?) (Honourary Vice-President)
shortpitched713 (?) (Honourary Assistant Vice-President)
Swaranjeet Singh (proud and most enthusiastic member)
Liam Camps
Zac Gelman
Fraz ?
Rich Edmunds
THE Sean
Turbinator (?)
Nemesis27 (?)
crickhowell (?)

PLEASE JOIN UP! There is no subscription fee! All it takes is a post in here and a small sig-addition!

Yours in great gratitude,

16 tins of Spam

International Vice-Captain
I'm glad to post in this thread and confirm my lifelong membership of the "Twenty20 is Boring Society". See sig below :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Btw Richard can I be the Honourary Consultant? Dealing with any problems the society has and forwarding them to you, the President? :laugh:


Cricket Web Staff Member
I daresay 't'could be arranged... sig-change, though, please... tis an important part of the subscription.


International Debutant
I want to handle the finances of this society. You give me your money and I assure you I will use it for the societies benefit.


Cricketer Of The Year
I want to handle the finances of this society. You give me your money and I assure you I will use it for the societies benefit.
You can be the CFO - Chief Financial Officer.

EDIT: How come the sig doesn't show up on every post?