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Official Trailer for Ashes Cricket 2009 Released

Agent TBY

International Captain
I have nothing to say but "lol at that Michael Clarke bit".

How they'd put stuff like that on an official trailer is beyond me.


U19 12th Man
Official release date in the BENELUX is August 7th, according to the site of XBOX that date is also the starting date of the Ashes.

I think they got the month wrong.
Anyway it's on my wantlist.
Does anybody knows if you can also play the T20 WC, really want to win it with SA

Agent TBY

International Captain
Reactions to the X360 demo have been largely very positive. Looks like I'll be getting this for the Triple, then. PSN, anyone?


Cricket Spectator
the bowling action in the trailer looks...weird. Maybe the gameplay will be better. Will get the game when its out though.


U19 Vice-Captain
Played the demo there, certainly promising. Bowled 5 outswingers to Strauss with Mitch and then an inswinger which bowled him so that was cool. Batting I found it hard but that'll come with practice. Did seem a lot more enjoyable than other cricket game I've played which is not called International Cricket Captain.


International Captain
Just played the demo myself on Xbox360 and I must say I'm impressed. The graphics are fantastic and the AI seems to be pretty accurate. It's a fairly easy game to pick up but a difficult game to master and when batting especially you really have to time the ball properly in order to play a decent shot. I'll probably end up buying this and if the demo is any indication, I think Codemasters and Transmission Games have done a good job on the game.