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*Official* Tennis Thread


International Coach
Men side , the Greek is cruising along.

Things should start getting complicated for Novak as Rublev has been sneakily good this Slam.


International Coach
Saba v Rybakina won't be the most complex of finals but nonetheless neither are randoms and not much between them in the betting so should be very competitive hopefully.

Not the most surprising of news this. The men's matches are taking forever!

We get some really cool viral points from these type of matches but overall this is very bad . The courts need to be quicker and the points need to be shorter because unless a hardcore fan you can't blame anyone for turning off.



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Crazy that Djok is the 4th seed

I know that it’s about rankings but let’s be serious here
Didn't help that he threw himself out of two of the three Slams that earned points last year.

He'll get to #1 if/when he wins anyway.