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*Official* Sri Lanka Tour of South Africa 2019


International 12th Man
sri lanka what a team. missing two of their best batsmen and two of their best bowlers, one of the four due to selector incompetence, and the many crap players lift their game and rally to help the remaining good players to achieve something subcontinent teams don't do.

in fact have a subcontinent side ever won a series in sa?
Never- this is a world record first time!


International 12th Man
this really is the pits for saf. australia at least had the excuse of missing Smith and Warner. No one was giving Srl, a team who always suck in SENA, a sniff before this series. Id consider actually asking AB to reconsider his retirement, this batting was being held together by him the previous summer and it's showing now.
AB. Its like losing a bradman. Now shows you how good AB and Kallis and Smith were. 3 don bradman modern equivalents


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Seriously I got so sick and tired of people saying “ Bangladesh are probably a better team than Sri Lanka now” in the past year.
Were they necessarilywrong? Sri Lanka have had their fair share of absolutely woeful series recently. It's what makes this win so amazing.


International Debutant
AB. Its like losing a bradman.
No it's not. He's one player and it's not like South Africa don't have other test-quality batsman, even if they're not as good as AB.

But if you compare the batting averages two years ago with what they are now, it doesn't make for pretty reading.

Elgar 42.07 -> 38.77
Markam N/A -> 43.80
Amla 49.99 -> 46.64
Bavuma 30.00 -> 33.00
Du Plessis 43.68 -> 42.95
De Kock 51.04 -> 39.31

To be fair, Du Plessis and De Kock have been on a bit of an upward trend recently, but the problem is not the loss of AB. The problem is the general decline in South African batting performances, and any claims that it's difficult to bat in South Africa are simply ignoring the reality that there's an issue with the batting for whatever reason.


Hall of Fame Member
World rankings atm imo:

Breathing room
It's hard to rank Aus as they will improve immeasurably when Smith and Warner return. I don't see a full strength Aus side losing in WI, for instance. Although I don 't see them winning in SL either. tbh most of the sides are much of a muchness depending on form, player availability an where the game is played.
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Cricket Spectator
Really pleased for Sri Lanka but also a little disappointed in South Africa. So many of their players underperformed such as Markram, Elgar, Amla, De Kock, Radaba & Steyn, you would think with players of this calibre they would have beaten the Lankan's easily.