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***Official**** Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2014/2015


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
This is how Test matches should always be played in New Zealand. The Basin, Seddon Park and Hagley Oval for Test matches. Decent turn outs, lovely grounds to watch the game. Great to see.

Now to get the non-drawcard ODIs played at these venues.


International Vice-Captain
First single of the match in the 18th over as per comms. Not even a single to fine leg. Amazing.

Coz Ruds can't glance.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Jeez. Rutherford's a right old spud, isn't he. He's not even a particularly good fielder. If we want an opener who can average ~20, then at least find one who can field. You could rely on Guptill scoring nice 18s and he's a fine fielder. Heck, even James Marshall did better than Rutherford as an opener (if you take out Rutherford's debut match)

Viscount Tom

International Debutant
I think Williamson's past 18 months or so are quite demonstrative of the benefits of a player having a county contract. The fewer extended gaps between playing help.


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A little sour about Latham's dismissal, but I'll more take that session after losing the toss.


Hall of Fame Member
SL should consider themselves extremely lucky to have the wicket of Latham or they'd be staring down the barrel. They haven't bowled particularly well and Rutherford is a freebie to begin with.