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*Official* South African tour of England and Ireland 2022


International Regular
Been some pretty poor batting all round today tbh

Having said that, glad we're seeing a contest rather than 3 days of pointlessness


Hall of Fame Member
Here's a thought if our tail doesn't see out the day. How often have three innings featured on the first day's play of a test match?


First Class Debutant
So, does anyone know what Marco's twin Duan lacks that he's never quite clicked even domestically? Because having two Marco Jansens wouldn't be bad...


First Class Debutant
Duan last season: 4 matches 90 overs 2 wickets @ 140 for North-west; Marco for Warriors 2 matches 10 wickets @ 12. Poor Delano Potgieter as a batting all-rounder had to carry the Dragons bowling.


State Captain
Are they identical twins? If not then it's just a case of two brothers, one who's turned out better than the other.


First Class Debutant
Poetgieter averages like 22 with the ball in fc right, harsh to call him a batting allrounder IMO.
True, though it's difficult for me to call someone who bowls military medium a front-line bowler. Dwayne Pretorius's bowling (also playing for North-West) is in a similar category.

Socerer 01

U19 Captain
Apparently foakes has the worst catch rate of any keeper to play more than 15 tests since his debut in 2018. Catch rate is still 83%, but jos had a catch rate of 90% in the same period. Didn't realise his catching had been that ordinary tbh.
The stat could be misleading because Foakes is certainly going to go after more half chances and high risk ones than Buttler because he is the better keeper and he would be in a better position to attempt for them while Buttler doesn’t. Apparently Jarrod Kimber seems to think the same and I don’t think he is a much worse keeper than Buttler and Paine


Cricket Spectator
Can't believe how wasteful that batting was. The bowlers were superb, and then all the advantage they've earned thrown away by the batsmen. Ridiculous.
Broad to score 50 and save England
I was looking earlier for a worse nr 8 (actual planned batting position) for England, and to my surprise I found someone who finished his career (after a lot of test matches) with a batting average of 7. The number 9 averaged 5.


Cricket Spectator
Yeah right, Stokes’s innings was definitely careless
I'd say it goes beyond careless. I'd say it probably goes beyond wreckless, but that's the absolute minimum I'd call it personally. I can't see how his team mates don't find it insulting. And to make it all the more offensive, he showed only in the last game how well he can actually bat.

As for Brook, if that flick down to long leg's how he's been told to play by the management on effectively day 1 of a test match with the game in the balance, then they might as well not have bothered to give him a debut.

Anyway. I'm not actually angry about it, and you can't argue with the fantastic record England have had this summer, but I'm sure to many people, it all just seems a bit....flakey.
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Cricketer Of The Year
The pundits yesterday were fairly convinced it would have to be a 3 innings game to see a result.......looks like we'll get through 4 innings and quite realistically still have the best part of a day to spare.

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
Excellent bowling conditions, high quality attacks and probably only 3 proven test batsman: one ATG and two very good players in Elgar and Stokes. Good chance of a 2 day test.


Whatever it takes!!!
Broad has said the conditions were too much in favor of the bowlers in the mrng sessions when they bowled. Did it even get better to bat on later in the day?