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*Official* South Africa in New Zealand 2022


International Captain
There's an element of transition with players retiring but we have highly rated replacements in Conway, Young and Jamieson. As it happens they're all going through a slight regression in form after great starts currently, but I'm confident they'll make up the core of a good side soon.

Sux losing Kaneh though.
Is Young that good to be rated alongside Conway and Jamieson?

straw man

International Coach
Mitchell gotta do something about the way he moves across, squares up and plays balls that he's only going to edge to slip. Been lucky to edge down twice so far.

Heh Colin


International Regular
Expecting lord Colin to hole out any time but will really miss him when he’s done with tests (or is it the other way around). Strong contender for the most carefree batsman I’ve seen.

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
Colin only has 1 test 100 when he should have 4 or 5 (Williamson has robbed him of 2 or 3 with declarations to be fair), so really hope he can go big. Hopefully Elgar won't give Maharaj a bowl or else it might be all over.