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*Official* South Africa in New Zealand 2022

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Stuurman is going to be 1 and done. The gut got people giddy yesterday and that's all they have in common.


U19 Debutant
Did it have FC status? His wiki says he has no FC tons

A test batting average of 13 looks very deceptive going by how he's looked today. Like when Jason Gillespie scored his 200 it still looked like a tailender over achieving. Wagner is looking class
No not FC status sadly. He's definitely improved as a batsman in recent years - the match where he and Sodhi saved the test against England springs to mind.


Hall of Fame Member
I think you're allowed to amble in when you go past about 6'7". Like Bruce Reid, he looked like he was hardly even bowling it at all.
The arm movement/release moment looks more unorthodox than Reid. I hadn't even thought about the lack of sprinting

straw man

International Coach
Jansen's action is even more village. I kinda like it though
Don't mind Jansen's bowling action at all - just the traditional side-on left arm outswing action to me.

Agree with TH that's Olivier's is very unaesthetic though. That jerky movement with the bowling arm in the delivery stride is jarring.


U19 Vice-Captain
I watched some of the SA vs India tests and thought Jansen looked an outstanding prospect. He seems to have lost a lot of energy (and pace) since that series, so I wonder if he is a bit out of sorts?