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*Official* South Africa in India, Sep/Oct 2019


School Boy/Girl Captain
Comparing Smith's previous performance with India and extrapolating it is dumb. He's never faced Bumrah who is ATG level and the other two have improved massively. What would have happened is similar to SA 2018. He ball tampered on purpose because he wanted to skip that series.

Smith made all those runs in 2017 and they still lost. I still remember Smith playing on a crap Bhuvi bouncer and Australia getting bundled out for 150 odd. The Aussies have no stomach for a fight. They would have lost either way.


International Regular
And Burmah's never faced Smith IN Australia either genius. My money would be on Smith to slaughter Bumrah like anyone else...Again enjoy your moment but dont get carried away with hubris!!


School Boy/Girl Captain
And Burmah's never faced Smith IN Australia either genius. My money would be on Smith to slaughter Bumrah like anyone else...Again enjoy your moment but dont get carried away with hubris!!
Smith chickened out.

Bumrah slaughtered Aus at home in Melbourne on boxing day. Their showpiece event, the big event of the summer. They got slaughtered like a bakra on eid. Smith knew this was coming so chickened out.


U19 Captain
I wound’t expect Smith to average 200 and Warner 100 like last time around. Wickets were much better in last tour compared to rubbish that was served up in previous tours. And then there was Bhumrah and Ishant was vastly improved bowler.

Mind you Aus would still be favorite but some people are living in a la la land if they think Smith has never struggled against top class bowling; just like any other batsman. Saffers would have something to say about it.
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the big bambino

International Captain
Yeah but England were missing James Anderson there, one of their most important players was missing. Australian posters like to point Smith missing for the 2018 home series against Ind but conveniently manage to omit Anderson being missing in England (similar to the Lyon vs Ashwin/Jaddu arguments).
*Argues Anderson's absence was consequential*

*Disregards Smith's and Warner's absence*


Hall of Fame Member
Apart from the obvious fact that Warner and Smith would have held the batting together and scored more runs, our bowlers would have had a bit more rest during the actual matches.

No need to take away from the Indian win in Australia but its a stretch to say India would be favourites if the series was being played this summer


School Boy/Girl Captain
I'd like to remind all Australian posters that you lost both your last home and away series against India so that's that.

the big bambino

International Captain
If you just kept it at that and said nothing else we'd all agree. Since that fact was obvious there was no need to say anything at all.

the big bambino

International Captain
It is amusing though to recall Ishant, Umesh and probably Shami were once thought just spokes in the wheel. All 3 have improved incredibly and seem to have accumulated their disappointments into experience and success. They, and Bumrah, have been the form attack over the last few years. India have the best batting and slow bowling options too so not surprisingly are the best side. Unlike other countries India hasn't seemingly sacrificed their batting and slow bowling in favour of pace or accommodating the game's different formats .


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Anyway, india has been the dominant team for last few years and are rightfully far and away the best team atm. Enjoy it while it lasts but for the love of god, don't get bent out of shape if one or two people over a critique here or there. I'm neutral seeing that I'm neither from SENA or Asia.
lol calm down neutral

played your hand too soon here

no one's getting angry or bent out of shape except for you

so yeah calm down