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*Official* Signup Announcements/Introductions

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The new Dev League signups will be presented to the public here.

Forum Name: Percy
Name: Andrew E. Esnouf
Bat: 7.00
Bowl: 31.00
Batting SR: 30
Fielding: 9

Rookie draft order (updated for Season 12)

1) Blue (18 players)
2) Green (19 players)
3) Red (19 players)
4) Black (19 1/4 players, counting suspensions)
5) Colts (20 players)
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You'll Never Walk Alone
Honestly, the over-use of that smiley is verging on stupidity. Enough for me to form a coherent sentence, followed by this one.


Cricket Web Content Updater
So when will we be assured a spot in the team, coz i was placed temporarily on CW Blues.. for memory i was suggested late next month... Just curious if i will make it, that's all..

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Forum Name: Deshko
Name: Deshko S. Koundinya
Age: 19
Bat: 41.00
Bowl: 30.00
Batting SR: 113.87
Fielding: 15

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Forum Name: Sloany
Name: Aaron J. R. Sloan
Age: 17
Bat: 2.61
Bowl: 23.68
Batting SR: 5.00
Fielding: 15