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*Official* Second Test at the Adelaide Oval


Global Moderator
He looked freer third innings as stated.

However the true test would've been if he'd batted today, which he didn't. C'est la vie.

He'll play.


You can't get 1/517 scored against you and not make major changes to the bowling attack. Need a whole new attack for Adelaide, anything less and we'll see the same crap happening.


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Doherty out
Hauritz in

And that'll do the selectors. They wouldn't want to "disrupt the team harmony" too much. Johnson will stay because "we feel he's about to return to his best form. He did have a great Shield match the other day and the pitch didn't really suit him". North like-wise "has shown himself to be a reliable member of the batting order".
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Yeah I don't quite think either lineup has it in them to get 20 wickets. Especially if we continue to play Swann with such contempt.


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Yeah, hard to look past a draw considering the traditional behaviour of the Adelaide Oval track and the way the bowlers have done for both sides so far.


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Yeah I can't see Adelaide being anything but a draw. Since McGrath/Warne retired the only game that got a result was 2008, whereas Brisbane was the first non-Adelaide draw in Australia since 2005.


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Would seem that way but we should not forget that both batting sides do have weaknesses and have certainly not been alien to sudden collapses. Adelaide obviously might not be the one but I do think we will get some relatively low scoring tests this series.