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*Official* Season XIII Discussion and Results


International Vice-Captain
Big Disappoinment for RED! Cannot digest this.... Total opposite performance from the other day's performance


Cricketer Of The Year
dissapointing loss there in the one day game.well batted by skipper garven, tonne and impressive!

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Preseason Round Three

Can't be bothered to write up match reports, so I'll just post score summaries.

Cricket Web Under-19 v Cricket Web Blue
Pickford Reserve


Ball by Ball

Cricket Web Blue 1st innings 697-6 dec.
T Mamesh 223, PE Young 136, RGEWS Cribb 86, S Young 76, AJ Crampton 74*, BJ Taylor 53*
Kexing Su 3-113

Cricket Web Under-19 1st innings 326
L Tyson 75, BS Read 52*, AR Arnold 45, ZJ Ritchie 44, J Griffen 41
BJ Taylor 5-59, M Shah 3-66

Cricket Web Under-19 2nd innings 187-8
L Tyson 46*, J Griffen 44, JNE Forner 31
M Shah 4-37, TJ Demeza 3-77

Match drawn.

Cricket Web Green v Cricket Web Colts
CWBCC Stadium


Ball by Ball

Cricket Web Green 1st innings 388
CP Raftery 133, AJ Garven 92, S Reddy 40
T Bochat 4-95, MW Wilson 2-60

Cricket Web Colts 1st innings 323
BC Fitzsimmons 134, JB Malthus 88
AA Cameron 3-48, PG Gundry 3-59

Cricket Web Green 2nd innings 263
BC Cunningham 66, S Reddy 47, A Lezama 40
T Bochat 4-83, JP McNamara 2-49

Cricket Web Colts 2nd innings 255
DP Towns 56, JB Malthus 43, MW Wilson 41
AA Cameron 4-52, MT Mitchell 3-50

Cricket Web Green won by 73 runs.

Cricket Web Black v Cricket Web Red
Casston Reserve


Ball by Ball

Cricket Web Red 1st innings 388
DA Kearsley 59, RJ Dauth 58
DP Richards 3-28, NA Borcich 3-39

Cricket Web Black 1st innings 432
AP Cloete 112, DP Smith 59, ZE Gelman 54, AJ Blackman 52, DP Richards 49
CP Thompson 2-71

Cricket Web Red 2nd innings 508
DA Kearsley 122, CR Dwyer 103, CP Thompson 65, SA Bennett 56
DP Richards 4-92

Cricket Web Black 2nd innings 182
JE Stedman 53, DP Smith/NA Borcich 27
MU Amir 4-79, KR Clapham 2-44

Cricket Web Red won by 85 runs.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Great win, especially considering we did it without Mork & Kennett. Pretty much all of the top 8 made some sort of a contribution with the bat, whilst we spread the wickets with the ball. Good to see Amir bowled particularly well in the 2nd dig.

Oh, quality fielding by both teams in the 1st innings, think I was dropped 4 times.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Haha Cribb, 86 from 247, an innings dominated by his immaculate defence, & ability to leave. Deliberately got himself out as punishment for a lapse in technique the ball before imo.