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*Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

Loony BoB

International Captain
Really looking forward to this. :) Was hoping to keep our U-19 players as this is the time where it's best to give them a proper run with the first team players against dev league opposition. Just makes the preseason games mean even less given that you can't tell if a young player's performance is a good example of how they would play with your own tactics.

Still, should keep things interesting, I suppose. Itching to get things moving.


International Coach
TBH, why bother? Why not just give Black the trophies and be done with it, avoiding the mucking around with fixtures inbetween times?
I know you guys are good at throwing mud around but to be quite frank, I feel super-uber confident this season of taking your lot to the cleaners so doesn't matter how much crap you spout at us.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Hoping to make the U19 squad for the preseason games and improve on my performances since last year. Up the Reds


Hall of Fame Member
why is that?
Because the world (including the board) is against them.

...Or so I've heard. :ph34r:

Red to dominate for the first 3 quarters and then choke, as is customary.

Only joking :D Reds ftw!
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International Debutant
27th April - Red v Black

Highlight of the first quarter for mine, should be an absolute cracker, with Red winnings by 278 runs. Dauth with a double ton in there somewere.

Sound good anyone? :D


International Regular
Cricket Web Under-19 will be the 6th team involved. The CW U-19 board must name a 14-man squad for both forms of the game by April 16.
Does this mean selected U-19 players would be unavailable to play for their Dev League side? Would be kind of weird for a player to face himself.