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*Official* Season X Discussion and Results


International 12th Man
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
Cricket Web Black vs Cricket Web Colts
at Goffmouth Park

CW Black arrived at Goffmouth Park with their OD destiny in hand. Needing victory to book a place in the final against Blue, the goal was clear and simple. Despite the lack of relevance of the game to the Colts’ season, the home team won through with great heart.

David Comley’s spell of spin bowling lit up the stadium and engaged the crowd with its intelligence and spectacular success. He turned the game entirely the way of the Colts, following on beautifully from the earlier efforts of Arunava Das. Batting at three, Das stroked the ball to all part of the ground on his way to one of the finest centuries witnessed this season.

The Black bowlers struggled to find consistency and leaked an incredible 38 extras, including 24 wides. Only Chris Butler and David Kearsley truly looked to have any rhythm, and the latter took a career-best of 4/45. Kearsley kept his team in the game, but was one of the middle order batsmen who fell away cheaply against the spin of Comley later on.

Cricket Web Colts 281/7 (50 overs)
Cricket Web Black 261/8 (50 overs)

Cricket Web Colts won by 20 runs.
Man of the Match: DJ Comley
*tears in eyes* My boys... they've grown up...
NZTailender said:
An extra special mention for Nick "The Rock" Hancock. He gets my vote for Colts player of the season. Great stuff mate! :)
Thanks Greg, I enjoyed watching you take wickets... and more wickets... and moooore wickets :D

PS 21* from 22 and 2/49... I'm quite happy with that :happy:
Well done Colts and especially Mr Mxyzptlk... is there no end to his kindness?

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The Chef de Groot Trophy Final
Cricket Web Blue vs Cricket Web Red
at the CW Oval

It was always going to be a keen contest between Cricket Web Blue and Cricket Web Red in the final OD match of the season. Still, few could have scripted such an entertaining encounter. The game was played with spirit, flair, and the classic unpredictability that makes cricket so beloved.

Even as Nath Patrick removed James Stedman and Alex Feeney in the opening over, there was a sense that it was game on, rather than game over. Between Rob Dauth’s love of the bowling of CW Blue and Marc Robbins’ quality under pressure, was forged a partnership noted as much for its spirit as its impact. The explosive manner in which the two batted the Reds back into the game will go down in the lore of the Oval.

It was a game for heroes, and a moment of opportunity. Thamba Mamesh struggled through Season X in limited overs cricket, but united with Sean Bennett at the crease at 191/6. Mature and effective batting pushed the score along, then Dave Watt took over with a late innings cameo.

A target of 270 and the Blues were carried back into the game by the success of Tom Halsey and Liam Camps. For the Reds it was an outstanding recovery from 18/3.

However, when it came time to bowl, it seemed the adrenaline and heart of the Reds that came to the fore earlier, ran dry. A tired bowling attack struggled against eager Blue batting, and an opening stand of 150 compounded the difficulties. Brendan Goff carried on after the dismissal of Cloete, but it was Sean Fuller who joined Dinu DeSilva for the winning stand.

The Blues required 39 more runs from 75 balls when Fuller took his guard. After the first ball of the 44th over, it was finished. The CW Blue vice-captain deposited Bennett into the midwicket stand to win the game with the epitome of style.

A first major trophy for Cricket Web Blue and a fantastic game of cricket.

Cricket Web Red 269 all out (46.4 overs)
Cricket Web Blue 273/3 (43.1 overs)

Cricket Web Blue won by 7 wickets.
Man of the Match: LA Camps



Cricketer Of The Year
Ah well, one step at a time. Getting into the finals was a good effort.

Well done Blues. Dominant throughout the season, too good, you deserved it :p Camps, led from the front, good stuff.

And Wilshere, have you ever heard the saying, "When you lose, don't say anything. When you win, say less"?


First Class Debutant
Well done to Blue, played great all season and was too good for us on the day. As some of the other Reds have said, it was a good experience for us, with most of us playing in our first final. We will be a lot better for experience.