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Official***Season 11/12 Charity Series***


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Dan has taken me on to run this year's series alongside him, so I'm opening this thread primarily for "applications". If you are able to play in this charity series, please post saying so in this thread.

Matches for this charity series:

The OD Series - Squads as close to 11 as possible, probably even numbers of teams (44 players?)
CW Bar XI vs Select XI (Dev League Players, suggestions for who to pick accepted. Something that doesn't include many Internationals preffered)
Batting XI vs Bowling XI OD
Batting XI vs Bowling XI FC

So, in summary, if you are avaliable to play in the Charity Series, post saying so now!
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Eyes not spreadsheets
The bar will play our usual games - the CW select of course being non-International players.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Jamee999 said:
And Robbins will be avaliable, I presume?
I shall again be upholding the bar's honour - already negotiating with a few big name stars to potentially guest this time.

If I make any other sides, I will of course be delighted to accept the selection.