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Official Rugby Thread


Hall of Fame Member
Rugby Australia are the worst promoters of any major sport in the world

Wtf would you schedule 2 tests on the same day as the AFL grand final and NRL preliminary final when there’s nothing on the next day?


Cricketer Of The Year
This year's Sevens series was a bit if a damp squib. 2 competitions in Canada, S.A being the only Southern Hemisphere team showing up and winning both.

At least it has given us the lovely sight of Kenya's Alvin Otieno running people over with his epic hand offs


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Give or take the New Zealand Cavaliers... :whistling

Seriously though, with Apartheid they probably went 25 years with barely playing each other at all.
Prior to SA's return in 1992, previous official series were:
- 1981
- 1976
- 1970
- 1965
- 1960
- 1956
- 1949
- 1937
- 1928
- 1921


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Must come as a terrible shock to NZ fans who’ve watched for the past 15 years to discover the rules allow for their side to give up a late penalty to decide a game.

Just saw some highlights. Looks like it was some sorta game

Fuller Pilch

International Captain
What a game

We need a front row. Lock and loosie talent aplenty but our front row is mediocre.
I reckon we also need a physical midfielder to get over the advantage line. The likes of Kerevi for Australia and De Allende for South Africa have a real physical presence.