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*Official* Round of 16 Thread


First Class Debutant
Slightly off topic. How do the group round tickets work? I’m in the US and wondering if you know which teams are playing where before your have to buy tickets? Seems the knockout rounds would be a guessing game but the groups shouldn’t be.
Depends on the sales phase you buy them in. It's usually broken up into three options, individual match tickets, team series tickets (buy to follow a particular country through the tournament for 3-7 games, if that team is knocked out you then follow the team that beat yours) or venue series tickets (for all matches at a particular stadium).


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Hundred metre long queue to get into the Sackville at 5:30 am this morning. Absolute scenes

Fuller Pilch

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I feel dirty but Advance Australia fair to the QFs. Still think "girt" is the stupidest English word in a national anthem.


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For those playing at home with the BBC punditry, I think the 9 countries are:



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Aussies need to push at some point but will need to time that because it will open up the game. Japan have done it really well so there’s a blueprint if your good enough.


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LVG totally called out the US for not adjusting to his tactics during the game. Love it.