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*Official* Quarter Final 4 - Sri Lanka v England

Who will win this match?

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International Captain
While all the talk has been about other top teams, SL have flown under the radar a little, but they have shown good form and must be serious contenders for the cup.

Who knows which England will turn up? But with England involved, it's bound to be an exciting game.


Need our bowling to turn up big time.

We did win the ODI series the last time we toured Sri Lanka, but of that team only Swann & Bell are still guaranteed to play! Colly, Bopara and Jimmeh all might, but wouldn't take bets on any of em.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I have fancied Sri Lanka from day 1 and i am not going to go off them now, yes i want England to win but i think we will get beaten as Sri Lanka progress on towards glory.


International Captain
I'd love to say I'm confident and can see us brushing SL aside, I just can't. Murali will give us the usual problems and we'll need to find some answers to the other questions asked by their spinners. Morgan becomes a real key for us in those middle overs, and the Sangakkara and Jayawardene combination I expect to come to the party.

It would be nice if we suddenly find a higher gear in the quarter-finals, just think our inconsistency and the dis-jointed problems we've endured so far will re-surface on Saturday. Really hope I'm wrong.


The Tiger King
I do get the feeling that the English players will have their long awaited dream fulfilled on Saturday..........a flight back home


International Debutant
England to win another cliffhanger.

Srilanka are a very good side,but not one that is going to launch great fightbacks when they are down.England have shown they can do that.Srilanka will probably dominate 80% of the match,only to see England roll them over towards the end.


International Captain
Sri Lanka are yet to lift up their batting to acceptable levels. As usual it will be our bowlers who will pull through for us and hopefully get us into the semi's.

Blaze 18

Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka are a daunting proposition. England will have to be on top of their game for the entire hundred overs - something I can't see them doing.

Prediction : Sri Lanka to win a thriller.


Global Moderator
Not going to predict this one at all. England have this extraordinary ability to match the standard of their play precisely to their opponents, so this could go anywhere.


U19 Cricketer
Some how feel that England will knock this SL'kan "fancied favorite" team out. England have been unpredictable, but when it really needed they have pulled it off. Would be mentally strong to pull another thriller than SL. The key is to bat first and get a decent total around 250 and the knock out pressure might roll SL off. Exciting game on the cards.


Evil Scotsman
Jimmy will win this one for us.

Might stick a couple of quid on less than 500 runs being scored. Maybe even 450.


State Captain

  1. Tharanga
  2. Dilshan
  3. Sanga
  4. Mahela
  5. Samaraweera
  6. Mathews
  7. Perera/Kapu
  8. Malinga
  9. Murali
  10. Herath
  11. Mendis

I am **** scared about Swann against our middle order, but England got to deal with 30 overs of our spin.


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SL could go from an already very good team to a scary one if they could get Mahela to open with Dilshan, IMO. Obviously, assuming they can get someone pretty good for the middle-order slot as well. Not that Tharanga's bad, just not threatening enough against the best teams, I feel.


International Coach
Yeah thats a good idea if you ask me. Matthews is criminally wasted batting at 6, should be batting no lower than 5, ideally at 4 with Samaraweera after him. SL lack firepower in the death though IMO, like SA they are missing someone who can come in and change the game in the space of a few overs. Its hurt them this tournament already, but with their bowling attack they are still good enough to go all the way.