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*Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

cover drive man

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All I'll say is I know an awful lot of his closest friends who helped him in his later years. He did awful things but he was a human as much as anyone else.


Or because they they were good at something I happen to like, that in the grand scheme of things is pretty trivial


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Why is Dynamite Kid hated so much? What has he done?
There's all sorts of stories of him doing morally questionable stuff. Jacques Rougeau for example has been quite vocal about his actions. There's worse stuff about him too reportedly. Edit: **** it, the thing I was thinking about in terms of worse stuff was him breaking some woman's leg for an insurance pay out. The video below (2:40 mark) shows him admitting it.

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I had the impression that the idea of a "smart mark" was a recent thing, but here's Brian Pillman basing half a promo around it.



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I don't know, I guessed the recent-ish indy stuff made it a thing. It makes sense that it was in usage back then however. That all said, watching Pillman makes me feel Dean Ambrose is a bit forced.


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Official card, the bastards are finally going to make me watch from the start with that opener.

NEVER Openweight number one contender gauntlet is the pre show match.
1) NEVER Openweight Championship match: Will Ospreay v Kota Ibushi
2) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, Junior three way Tag: Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado vs Bushi and Shingo Takashi vs Roppongi 3K
3) Rev Pro British Heavyweight Championship match: Zack Sabre, Jr. vs Tomohiro Ishii
4) IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match, three way: Guerrillas of Destiny vs The Young Bucks vs EVIL and Sanada
5) IWGP U. S. Championship Match: Cody v Juice Robinson
6) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match: KUSHIDA v Taiji Ishimori
7) Special singles match: Kazuchika Okada v Jay White
8) IWGP Intercontinental Championship match: Chris Jericho v Tetsuya Naito
9) IWGP Heavyweight Championship match: Kenny Omega v Hiroshi Tanahashi


Not Terrible
Pre-show - gauntlet for the six man tag belts, so nfi really. Most of the good six man teams are on the card already.
1) Ospreay
2) LIJ
3) ZSJ
4) GoD will steal it, LIJ will have had it won vs. the Bucks
5) Juice
6) Ishimori
7) Okada
8) Naito
9) Tanahashi


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last year's Rumble match was different from the previous ones anyway, almost all the participants bar Masahito Kakihara were active wrestlers, so if the plan is to just put the same guys in the NEVER 6 Man match I don't mind it...as long as Cheesey and Liger's music plays