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*Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II


Not Terrible
If they have a match tonight bubba ray could be a wildcard
I think the new title needs a bit more credibility, he'd rock it but I think there would be a large portion of the audience saying WTF.

Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Brock Lesnar

Big E
Chris Jericho
Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe
Bully Ray


Surprised they've not banned Rollins from using the running powerbomb tbh. It's a cool move but it seems to be causing a lot of grief. Had assumed it was on the banned moves list already until he started using it anyway, after D'Lo and all that.


Not Terrible
Holy ****, watch Talking Smack.

In a week of injuries, debuts, retirements, Cena losing clean, TKOs, backstage shenanigans with Brock...

The most crazy moment is The Miz on Talking Smack.



International Captain
The Miz has always been great on the mic. Just doesn't quite have the talent in the ring to reach that next level.


I thought it was incredibly meh, quiet honestly. Trying to get heat on the Miz by having him insult Bryan about getting concussions is extremely cheap.


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rollins vs owens vs roman vs the big guy whose name i can't remember right now

who should it be: owens
who will it be: rollins


Not Terrible
RollIns should turn face soon IMO. With no Balor and the still unpopular Reigns as your only top card face option for Raw it'd be a pretty universally (heh) loved change. Sami will be that level eventually but come on, Cass somehow got into this. The face roster is soooo shallow atm.